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Notes to Programmer (skip to next section to see current balance changes):

(Are these still valid?)

*Ornamental Egg, bug, testers say that it's an additive bonus (way too much) rather than multiplicative, even though it seems set correctly in the game data.

*Quickening Powder, bug. Currently, during the move phase, quickening powder shows the speed increase from LAST TURN'S move. Then, during the attack phase, it shows the speed increase of the move that gets the bonus THIS TURN. What it should do is show not show last turn's bonus and yes show this turn's bonus even during the move phase.

*Cornelius's Innate, Origami Crane, and Spyglass should all protect from the "stat-lowering effect" of damage reductions from Wei-shan's Crippling Palm, Margo's Heartache Cocktail and Rathbone's Heart of Darkness. Ideally, it this does NOT make you immune to damage bonuses, such as from Chalice or Insignia, but even if it does, do it anyway. In that case, text can change to "immune to stat-changing effects."

Dream Improvements:
*When an item is disabled or broken, it has a big, thick red X over it
*Leafy Trap, Nether Vortex, Whirlwind have sprites on the playfield showing when they are active
*Entire game sped up by making less delay between events such as multiple poison procs, less delay between clicking "get close" and "get close" actually happening (when opponent has already passed this phase), etc.

considering: yellow rock, something. 

v2.4 (not playable yet)

Item Update Day
All items scheduled to have updated text descriptions on the cards by next week. Functional changes:

*Girdle of Iron Will, now also protects against crits.
*Yellow Rock of Cowards, damage up 7->8. Also, it will deal 16 damage in the case where both players switch at the same time.

*Ring of Curses, hit rate debuff stronger 12% -> 15%

*Hero's Flagon, healing increased 8->10
*Elemental Prism, now procs whenever you use a light magic attack or BUFF, or get hit by a light magic attack. Also, "light magic attack" now includes Whirlwind and Engulfing Flames. (They have light magic icons, but technically don't deal light magic damage. They count for prism now though.)

*Omega Boosters, now triggers on buffs as well as light/dark magic attacks.

v2.3  (this version is playable on the beta server now)


*Amaya, Shadow Curse hits fleeing
*Onimaru, Sword Flurry damage 5x7 -> 6x6. (Helps in general, especially against Balthazar though.)
*Onimaru, Ancestral Curse and Ancestral Spirit energy cost down 10 -> 5

*Ashi, Signature Slice energy cost down 50 -> 45
*Ashi, Power Swing energy cost down 20 -> 15
*Andromeda, Crippling shot hit rate up 90% -> 95%
*Andromeda, Trueshot energy cost down 50 -> 45

*Ranec Vest, Two-Sword Slash damage down 18x2 -> 17x2

*Knight Oxbox, Sandstorm energy cost down 20 -> 15
*Knight Oxbox, Stoneskin energy cost down 10 -> 5
*Knight Bestor, Flame Sword Frenzy now has "a high chance to inflict 5 *elemental* damage for 2 turns" rather than burn damage, so that the mirror match will end. 

*Angelan Series D, Cloak usefulness up 30% -> 33%
*Angelan Series D, Precision Strike energy cost down 30 -> 25
*Angelan Series D, Wave Motion Fists's change to stop light attacks up 33% -> 50%
*Angelan Series D, Innate's duration up 3 turns -> 4 turns
*MR-VIN, Depressive Mood's proc (50%, -4 dark for 6 turns) -> (75%, -3 dark, 3 turns) (good/bad??)

*Eva, Kiss has 25% chance to "critically kiss"
*Margo, Hallucinogenic Incense energy cost up 60 -> 70 to prevent repeated use


*Caltrops, damage up 12 -> 14
*Captain's Grog Mug healing up 20 -> 25hp
*Bracers of Righteousness, physical/light/dark resist 1/1/3 -> 1/1/2
*Elemental Prism, effect changed to "When you or the opponent use a light magic attack, 30% chance the Prism deals 6 elemental damage to all foes."
*Coffin Nails, the damage redirected to your ally is now capped at how much HP the Coffin Nails character had as the killing blow hit. In other words, the "over-damage" from the killing blow isn't redirected. 


**Ranec Vest, Le Chuck's Curse now hits fleeing.
*Ranec Vest, Ghostly Touch energy cost down 20 -> 10?
*Balthazar, Shot-put stun chance up 25% -> 30%

*Wei-shan, innate's healing down 7 -> 4
*Oxbox, Warhammer Ram speed down 4 -> 3? (Helps Andromeda) 

*Angelan Series D, Cloak energy down 35->30
**Angelan Series D, innate changed to same as Ranec Vest's? Fits covert operative idea but isn't related to energy manipulation like all the robots are supposed to be. hmm...
*B9, Protect Family (heal) now has 1-turn cooldown
*IBO-K9, Self-destruct speed up 2 -> 5
*IBO-K9, Self-descruct now happens but deals zero damage to the enemy team if you choose it when the enemy switches

*Agathe, Witch's Curse energy cost up 20 -> 25
*Agathe, Mark of the Witch energy cost down 65 -> 60
*Sophie, Consume Glyph energy cost down 60 -> 50
*Sophie, Shadow Word: Pain now can't be removed.
*Sadie, Demon Claws energy cost down 40 -> 35
*Sadie, Demon Frenzy energy cost down 45 -> 40 

**A66 Capacitor, now triggers when you have 10 or less energy rather than 5 or less energy.
*A66 Capacitor, damage up 4 -> 5 


*Juju, hp down 80->75
*Juju, innate curing debuff percentage down 30%->20%
*Juju, Curse of Juju cannot be removed.
*Juju, healing spell can't be done two turns in a row

*Ambrosia, Bleeding Ritual is an unremovable debuff
*Anex, Boomerang Chakram used to hit fleeing 100% due to a bug. Now hits fleeing 85%.

*Bestor, Engulfing Flames damage/healing reduced from (5 for 4 turns) to (4 for 4 turns)
*Bestor, light magic resist down 6->5 to help with the mirror match?
*Bestor, Inner Fire's +15% to crit for entire team is now additive rather than multiplicative. (Multiplicative can't work because default crit % for everyone is only 3% and would need super high value to have an effect. But if a character has 25% chance to crit, you don't want super high multiplicative effect.) 

*Tiger Claw effect reduces enemy's damage by 2 this turn (it's faster than all attacks) rather than by 1 for 2 turns.


*Ashi, Axe Handle hit rate up 90%->100%
*Cain, Tackle damage up 27 -> 28
*Voss, Double Slash damage down 16x2 -> 15x2

*Darla, Quad Daggers damage type changed from light magic to physical
*Darla, Parrot Torpedo speed down 8->5
*B9, hit points down 75->70
*B9, Pincer Grab stun rate down 35%->30%
*Sadie, Demon Frenzy damage down 10x4 -> 8x4 (or 55 energy? hmm)
*Margo, hit points up 65 -> 70
*Margo, Heartache Cocktail speed up 5->6

*Cursed Doubloons, 1 damage / 1 energy per turn -> 1 damage / 2 energy per turn


*Tiger's Claw changed to "When you attempt to attack or intercept, the enemy's damage is reduced by 1 until the end of next turn."
*A66 Capacitor now triggers when you have 5 or less energy rather than only 0 energy. Damage down 7->4.

*Auger, Word of Command now overrides the "stand down" effect from his innate so the opponent will really attack himself when he should.
*Balthazar, firing cannon now erases the load cannon effect. You can load multiple times, but you can only fire once for each time you loaded.
*Winning the game with Oxbox's innate effect no longer hangs the game.
*Winning by dealing damage in the range change phase (for example, with A66 Capacitor) no longer hangs the game.
*Winning with Sadie's Nether Vortex or Wei-Shan's Whirlwind as the final hit no longer hangs the game.

*Elemental Prism now proc's against attacks that are enchanted to become light magic.
*Null Matrix now correctly stops working when its holder is on the bench or dies. It now correctly starts working again when the holder is switched back into battle. 


*Darla, Parrot Torpedo chance to stun down 30% -> 25%
*Darla, Poisoned Blade's poison damage down (5 for 2 turns) -> (3 for 2 turns)
*Angelan Series D, innate "When you rest, your attacks cost 5 energy less next turn" -> "When you rest, your attacks cost 5 energy less for the next 3 turns."
*Margo, Acid Splash proc rate up 50%->80%
*Margo, Acid Splash burn damage up (3 damage for 3 turns) -> (4 damage for 4 turns)

*Knights Emblem no longer prevents (or retroactively cures!) a hits-fleeing attack.


*Phoebe, Hamstring duration increased 2 -> 3 turns.
*Onimaru, Ancestral Curse and and Ancestral Spirit both have 90% chance to hit and 100% chance to proc, rather than the other way around. Origami Crane now makes this 100% chance to work.
*Cain, Tantrum duration increased 2 -> 3 turns.

*Ranec Vest, innate makes him immune to physical attacks for 1 turn, rather than 2 turns.
*Ranec Vest, Ghostly Touch proc rate up 25%->75%
*Margo, Heartache Cocktail damage up 10->13

**Origami Crane, "your attacks cannot miss" -> "your attacks cannot miss and your stats cannot be lowered" (this means resistances and speeds, same as Cornelius innate)
*Gem of Souls, gives the wearer 30 energy when it triggers, in addition to what it does now
*Necronomic Tomes, damage/healing down 10 -> 8
*Girdle of Iron Will, chance to avoid stun/interrupt 75% -> 100%

*Captain's Grog Mug, bonus hit points down 30 -> 20
**Polished Spyglass, "your attacks cannot miss" -> "your attacks cannot miss and your stats cannot be lowered"
*Ornamental Egg, proc rate bonus increased 10% -> 50%. (Remember it's multiplicative, not additive, so you don't just add 50 to existing proc rates.)
*Bracers of Righteousness, resistance slightly down 4/1/1 -> 3/1/1
*Tarot Card, hit rate reduction increased 15%->20%


*Knight Wei-Shan, Fist Flurry move replaced with Crippling Palm, 15 energy, 16 damage, close, speed 9, reduces the damage of the enemy's 1-hit attacks by 10 for 3 turns.
*Knight Wei-Shan, innate's healing reduced 10 -> 7

*Angelan Series D, innate gives less energy discount for resting (all attacks free next turn) -> (all attacks cost 5 less energy next turn)

*B9, hit points down 80 -> 75
*B9, Protect Family energy up 25 -> 30

*Eva, Fiery Passion damage down 13x3 -> 11x3
*Margo, light resist up 1->4
*Margo, dark resist down 5->2
*Sadie, Demon Frenzy speed down 6->5 

*Ring of Bravery damage up 2->3


*Angelan Series D, Cloak dodge percentage down 35%->30%
*Angelan Series D, Cloak energy cost up 30->35

*Eva, innate ability from 10% to stun to 25% chance to prevent the enemy from attacking the turn she switches in.
*Eva, Hypnotic Stare renamed to Head Over Heels.
*Margo, Noxious Brew replaced with Heartache Cocktail. 10 energy, speed 5, 10 damage, close or far, reduces enemy's damage by 2 for 3 turns.
*Sophie, Shadow Word: Pain and Glyph of Fire can no longer stack
*Shadow Word: Pain now deals shadow damage, not preventable with Periapt of Proof Against Poison and Other Things
*Sophie, Circle of Shadows damage up 14->15 (Note that it has higher damage than Amaya's hits-all move now and it has always had lower energy and higher hit rate, in exchange for the self damage)
*Sophie, Consume Glyph now does dark magic damage rather than burn. This means the "45" will now appear on the attack button, so it's easier to read what it does. It also means it it can no longer be completely prevented by burn-immune things such as Bestor's innate, Ambrosia's innate, or the Periapt, but its damage is reduced by shadow resist now.
*Sophie, Consume Glyph heals her for 9 hit points.


*Juju, Touch of Doom can no longer be removed by any effect. (Is anyone against this change?)
*Agathe, Witch's Curse now works correctly.

*Periapt of Proof Against Poison renamed to Periapt of Proof Against Poison and Other Things. Now heals you when you would take poison, cold, burn, or elemental damage.
*Tarot Card: The High Priestess now treats Gorbax, IBO-K9, MR-VIN, and B9 as male. 


*Null Matrix, while a character with null matrix is in play, all items on the enemy team are disabled. When the character with the null matrix leaves play (or loses his null matrix), the enemy team loses this debuff and their items work again, unless they previously "broken" (such as coffin nails' one-time use).

*Ring of Bravery now only deals damage if you click the attack button or intercept button, not at other times.

*The Black Book is now "If your intercept is not dodged, the opponent can't switch out next turn." In other words, the effect always triggers when you click the intercept button regardless of whether they switched or not...except it won't trigger if they managed to switch out by dodging your intercept, such as with Rumiko's innate.


*Knight Gunbjorn, Bonechill energy cost up 10->20
*Knight Gunbjorn, Ice Shards speed down 6->5
*Knight Oxbox, Sandstorm reduces hit rate more 10% ->15%
*Knight Oxbox, Stoneskin Dance resists up +6/0/0 -> +6/1/1
*Knight Oxbox, Warhammer Ram, stun removed. Replaced with 100% proc to make enemy range changes cost +5 energy next turn.
*Knight Bestor, Flame Sword Frenzy energy cost down 45->40
*Knight Bestor, Searing Slash renamed Engulfing Flames. Now 30 energy, and deals 5 burn damage to self and enemy for 4 turns. (Burn damage heals Bestor.)
*Fallen Knight Rathbone, Domination proc up 80%->100% and 1 turn cooldown added (can't do it two turns in a row)
*Fallen Knight Rathbone, Double Slash renamed Heart of Darkness. Damage type is dark instead of physical. Damage 22x2->44. Proc replaced. Old proc was 100% to reduce enemy dark magic resist by 2 for 4 turns. New proc is 50% to reduce enemy damage by 2 for 3 turns.
***Fallen Knight Rathbone, Reckless Firestorm now heals Rathbone for the life lost by his teammates.

*Angelan Series D, Wave Motion Fist range now far instead of close.
*Angelan Series D, Precision Strike range now close instead of far.
*MR-VIN, Energy Sap fixed and proc rate increased 70->75%
*MR-VIN, Forlorn Poetry has new proc effect: 50% chance to reduce enemy's speed by 2 for rest of this turn plus two more turns. 

*Hero's Flagon, proc up 90%->100%
*Omega Boosters now trigger on dark magic attacks in addition to light magic attacks.
*Coffin Nails damage reduction of the redirected blow down 50%->0%


*Anex, Chakkra Slash speed reduction towned down slow effect down (-4 speed for 2 turns) -> (-2 speed for 2 turns)
*Anex, light resist down 6->3
*Helene, light resist up 1->5
*Phoebe, Hamstring proc 90%->100%
*Phoebe, Deafening Crack duration 3->4 turns
*Phoebe, Rapid Lashes hit rate up 90%->95%
*Starbuck, Gigaton Punch hit rate down 95%->90%
*Starbuck, The Old One, Two damage down 21x2 -> 20x2
*Knight Gunbjorn, Ice Shards damage down 5x7 -> 5x5
*B9, Pincer Grab stun up 25%->35% 

*Energy Core bonus energy down +100->+50.


*Starbuck, physical armor down 6->5
*Knight Oxbox, physical armor down 5->4
*Knight Oxbox, Stoneskin Dance effect up +4 -> +6, duration up 2 -> 3 turns, energy cost down 20 -> 10
*Knight Gunbjorn, Cold Steel Axe speed down 7 -> 4
*Knight Gunbjorn, Ice Shards slow effect down (-4 speed for 2 turns) -> (-2 speed for 2 turns)
*Fallen Knight Rathbone, Reckless Firestorm energy cost down 40 -> 30
*Fallen Knight Rathbone, Domination now interrupts slower moves when it triggers. (A better implementation would be to stop slower moves entirely, even against people immune to interrupts.)
*Fallen Knight Rathbone, Soul Siphon hit rate changed from null to 100%, proc up 75% -> 100%. Now switching out against this move will allow you to avoid all its effects.
*Angelan Series D, innate no longer gives 100 energy from resting. Instead, when she rests, her attacks cost 0 energy next turn.
*B9, Shock Grab renamed Electrifying Grab.
*B9, Electrifying Grab's burn proc removed. Replaced with proc to reduce enemy's hit rate by 20% for 4 turns.
*B9, Protect Family, now heals self and teammates 10 hp each in addition to what it did before.
*B9, Protect Family energy cost up 0 ->25. 

*Z-Phase Converter, conversion of damage to energy ratio improved 4:1 -> 1:1. 


*Onimaru, Ancestral Curse duration up 4 -> 5 turns
*Onimaru, Ancestral Spirit duration up 3 -> 4 turns
*Blood Vial, now heals 3 each turn you're on the bench (including natural 1hp/turn heal) like it used to.
*Ranec Vest, Psycho Crusher energy cost up 65->70
*Starbuck, health down 85 -> 80
*Balthazar, health up 80 -> 85
*Balthazar, physical/light/dark resist 6/0/0 -> 5/1/1
*Balthazar, Drop Kick damage up 12 -> 18
*Knight Oxbox, Warhammer Ram damage down 30 -> 25
*Knight Oxbox, Stoneskin Dance energy down 30 -> 20
*Knight Oxbox, Stoneskin Dance effect changed from immunity to physical attacks for 2 turns to +4 physical armor for 2 turns.
*Sigil of Heartache damage up (3 for 4 turns) -> (4 for 4 turns)
*Margo, Acid Splash now really does some burn damage, 3 for 3 turns
*Margo, Noxious Brew now really does some poison damage, 4 for 3 turns 


*Starbuck, Anchor Toss damage down 30->20.
*Darla, Quad Dagger's crit replaced with a bleed, 50% proc, 3 damage for 2 turns.

*Knight Oxbox, Warhammer Ram speed down 5->4
*Knight Oxbox, Warhammer energy cost up 35 -> 40

*Gorbax Mark 2, Omega Missile's energy cost up, 50->70.
*Gorbax Mark 2, Death Blossom's energy cost up 50->60.
*Gorbax Mark 2, Death Blossom's damage down 12x2 ->10x2.
*Gorbax Mark 2, Death Blossom's speed down 8 -> 5. 

*Agathe, Witch's curse damage down 6->5.
*Sophie, Shadow Word: Pain speed down 7->3
*Sophie, Circle of Shadow Wrath renamed Circle of Shadows
*Sophie, Circle of Shadows hit and proc rates both up 90% -> 100%
*Sophie, Circle of Shadows speed up 3->6


*Caltrops damage increased 10->12
*Jade Figurine health bonus up 10->15
*Flash Powder now works at like Rumiko's innate (though still has 40% rate). Before, when it triggered you'd take no damage from the intercept but you wouldn't actually switch out. Now you will switch out.

*Helene's enchant blade duration increased from 2 to 3 turns.
*Helene's Sword Slash hit rate up 90% -> 95%.
*Helene's Sword Slash proc changed from 30% chance of +30 energy to 50% chance of +20 energy
*Helene's Frenzied Strikes damage up 7x6 -> 8x6.
*Helene's Shield Bash energy down 50->45.

*Valkyrie's Charm speed increase down +2 -> +1
*Reinforced Breastplate gives 1 dark resist and 1 light resist in addition to 4 physical armor.

*Ubuntu's innate gives smaller energy penalty to the enemy 10 ->5.
*Ubuntu's Rain Dance energy cost down 30 -> 20.
*Zina's Eye of the Tiger hit rate increased 95% -> 100%. 

*Deadly Poison's duration reduced from 6 turns to 5 turns.

*Cain's Tantrum energy cost down 30 -> 20 and damage boost down +4 -> +3

*Ring of Curses increased enemy's hit rate reduction 10% -> 12%

*Yellow Rock of Cowards, damage increase 6 ->7

*Auger Blackboot, Captain's Mirror has 1 turn cooldown. (Can't be used twice in a row.)
*Starbuck's Tackle is close range only, rather than both ranges.
*Ranec Vest's Psycho Crusher speed down 9 -> 6
*Ranec Vest's Two-Sword Slash damage down 22x2 ->18x2
*Darla's Quad Daggers damage down 10x4 -> 9x4
*Darla's Poisoned Blade damage down 15 -> 12.

*Navigator's Sextant proc rate down 80%->50%.

*Knight Gunbjorn's innate gives smaller energy penalty to the enemy 10 ->5.
*Knight Wei-Shan's Fist Flurry damage down 12x4 -> 11x4.
*Knight Wei-Shan's Dashing Strike damage down 12x2 -> 11x2.
*Knight Wei-Shan's Healing Wind damage removed (14 -> 0). 

*Gorbax-Mark 2's Lock-on no longer deals damage (12 -> 0) and is now a self-buff. That means it now works even if the opponent switches out.

*A66 Capacitor, damage down 10 -> 7.

*Sadie's Demon Claws damage down 24x2 -> 14x2.
*Sadie's Demon Frenzy speed down 7 -> 6.
*Sadie's Demon Frenzy energy cost up 40 -> 45
*Sadie's Nether Vortex proc rate up 50% -> 100%
*Sadie's Nether Vortex energy cost down 60 -> 55. 


*Added 20 new characters and 20 new items.


v1.11 (not implemented, left here for reference)

*When doing Zina's Tiger Frenzy, the bleed, effects of Mistress's Command, and item effects should all have a chance to proc against each benched enemy, not just one benched enemy.
*Origami Crane should give Onimaru's curse/buff 100% hit rate.
*Origami Crane prevents your stats from being reduced in addition to making your attacks 100% hit rate.
*Tiger Claw ability replaced, now does 12 damage *to* failed intercepts.
*Quickening Powder, no longer tells opponent which of your moves is faster ahead of time.

v1.10b (not implemented, left here for reference)

*Deadly Poison duration reduced from 6 to 5 turns (reducing its total damage by 2).
*Reinforced Breastplate gives 1 dark resist and 1 light resist in addition to 4 physical armor.
*Caltrops damage increased 10 ->11
*Jade Figurine health bonus up 10->15
*Helene's enchant blade duration increased from 2 to 3 turns, maybe.
*Helene's Sword Slash hit rate up 90% -> 95%.
*Helene's Sword Slash proc changed from 30% chance of +30 energy to 50% chance of +20 energy
*Helene's Frenzied Strikes speed up 7->8.
*Cain's Tantrum energy cost down 30 -> 20 and damage boost down +4 -> +3

*Maybe Ubuntu's innate gives smaller energy penalty to the enemy 10 ->5. 

Cornelius, hp reduced 80->75
Cornelius, Pilebunker's 25% crit removed. Replaced with 25% proc to deal 20 soul crushing dark magic damage so that it does not have a chance to instant kill so many characters on turn 1.

Marquis, Blood Burn effect now decreases damage and resistances by 3 instead of by 2.
Marquis, Vampiric Touch hit rate up 96%->98%
Marquis, Life Drain hit rate up 90%->94%

Rumiko, Eviscerate damage down 20->18 (Weakens the Eviscerate, rest, repeat loop.)

Yoshiro, Rising Dragon damage down 25->24

Higashi, Open Palm chance to interrupt up 25%->30%
Higashi, Open Palm energy down 40->35

Amaya, Physical armor up 2->3
*(needs bug fix) Amaya, Shadow Curse and Shadow Wrath hit fleeing enemies (still hits benched enemies, too)
Amaya, Shadow Wrath damage up 12->14

Onimaru, Sword Flurry hit rate down 95%->94%
Onimaru, Double Slash hit rate up 90%->98%
Onimaru, Double Slash now has 25% chance to disable range changing next turn.

Juju, Staff Strike replaced with new move: Curse of Juju. 25 energy, 3 speed, deals 20 damage at the end of next turn, ignores enemy resistances. Close/far.

Ubuntu, hit points down 80->75

Zina, hit points down 75->70
Zina, energy gain from innate down to +30 rather than +40.

Andromeda, Trueshot hit rate up 97%->100%
Andromeda, Trueshot energy cost down 55->50
Andromeda, Crippling Shot damage up 15->20

Anex, Boomerang hit rate up 90%->100%
Anex, Boomerang proc rate (on hits fleeing) down 100%->90% (note: above two changes together are strictly more powerful than before)
Anex, Chakkra Slash slows enemy's next attack by 4 instead of by 3 and lasts 2 turns instead of 1 turn.
Sharpening Stone crit rate +25% rather than +30%

*(needs bug fix) Blood Vial has a 75% chance per turn to heal 3 total hit points and 25% chance to do nothing, just healing the usual 1 hit point. Expected value is to heal 2.5hp per turn total. (Note: the choice to make this random rather than alternating 3,2,3,2, only to save programming time.)


Rumiko, Shuriken Barrage damage down 12x4 -> 11x4 and speed down 9 -> 7. Such a versatile character needs some disadvantage vs long-range-only characters.

Cornelius, Hypnotic Stare cannot be performed 2 turns in a row.
Cornelius, damage component of Blood Burn removed and energy cost down 20 -> 10.

Helene, Shield Bash speed down 8->6 so that it can't be speed 10 with Valkyrie's Charm.
Helene, Frenzied Strikes speed down 8->7
Helene, Enchant Blade damage down +3 -> +2
(Note: Helene still expected to be very good.)

Phoebe, Rapid Lashes changed from physical to light magic type.
Phoebe, Power Lash changed from light magic to physical type.
Phoebe, Kick renamed Hamstring. On hit, causes the enemy's range changing costs to increase by 20 for 2 turns. (Allows her to get far, rest for a turn, then Power Lash / intercept forced-choice.

Anex, Enchant Blade lasts 3 turns instead of 2.

Zina, HP up 70 -> 75 (her tiger takes some hits for her.)
Zina, physical armor up 1 -> 2 (again, the tiger?)
Zina, innate ability also triggers + 40 energy gain when she kills an enemy.

Andromeda, Kick removed, changed to Lightning Arrow. Speed 9, 15 light damage, 0 energy, far range only. 100% chance to interrupt light magic attacks. Cannot be performed 2 turns in a row.
Andromeda, Crippling shot energy cost down 30 -> 20, but proc rate down 90% -> 50%.

Yoshiro, Chi Reflect cannot be performed two turns in a row.

Juju, Staff Strike energy cost down 20 -> 5.

Yellow Rock of Cowards, now also deals 6 damage to enemy when YOU switch out as well as when enemy switches out. (Probably should not deal damage in case where both characters simultaneously switch out though?)

Deadly Poison, bug fix, does 2 damage for 6 turns rather than 7 turns. Also, proc percentage down 80% -> 70%.

Tiger Claws, bug fix, deals 6 damage for 2 turns rather than 3 turns.


Switch cooldown returns, it was gone a few hours. Sorry for the confusion. (Can't switch 2 turns in a row.)

Intercept damage back to 35, it was 50 for a few hours, sorry for the confusion. Maybe in the future we can try making intercept prevent the enemy from regenerating 20 energy next turn.

Zina, Tiger Frenzy really changed 9->11 this time.
Zina, Tiger Pounce speed bug fixed, 11->9.

Onimaru, Double slash energy down 45->40. Was supposed to go in last patch but got lost in the shuffle.

v1.7 (there was no 1.6, weird huh?)

Higashi, Open Palm speed 9->8, damage 25->26, stun changed to 25% chance to interrupt.
Higashi, Sweep changed to stun 30%, 25 energy, 18 damage, still speed 5.

Yoshiro, Open Palm's paralysis effect changed to stun effect so Girdle of Iron will can counter it.

Rumiko, light magic resistance down 4->0.

Cain Solomon, Tantrum energy cost reduced 40->30

Cornelius, Blood Burn speed up 6->7 and now also deals 2 burn damage per turn for 5 turns. (This helps Cornelius vs. Cornelius not be stare vs. stare forever.)

Amaya, energy costs down. Dark Chi blast 75->70; Shadow Wrath 45->40. Shadow Curse 35->25. (This makes playing Amaya without Scroll of Inner Focus more viable.)
Amaya, Shadow curse speed up 2 -> 7

Andromeda, innate ability changed to "Changing ranges cost 5 less energy."
Andromeda, Crippling Shot energy down 35->30.
Andromeda, Trueshot damage down 50->40, now that she can change range into it on one turn.

Ambrosia, Bleeding Ritual damage down 8-per-turn -> 6-per-turn. (It was always intended to do 24 total damage, not 32 damage.)

Anex, Enchant Blade gives increased boost +3 -> +8.

Onimaru, Double slash damage up 24x2 -> 26x2

Marquis, Vampiric Touch energy down 60 ->55
Marquis, Life Drain energy cost down 45 ->40

Zina, Tiger Frenzy damage up 9->11 to compensate for Tiger Claw item change.

General's Insignia, damage bonus down +6 -> +4.
Ring of Curses hit rate reduction up 5% ->10%
Necronomic Tomes now trigger of any of your attacks, not just dark magic attacks.
Caltrops damage up 8 ->10
Yellow Rock of Cowards damage up 5->6
Flash Powder avoids intercepts more 35% -> 40%
Sharpening Stone's crit bonus up 20% -> 30%
Deadly poison still has 80% chance to apply, but now does 2 damage each turn 6 turns rather than 1 damage each turn for 10 turns.
Tiger Claws damage changed to 6 damage each turn for 2 turns rather than 5 each turn for 3 turns.
Herbal Remedy healing down 4 ->3 per turn.
Healing Salve healing down 3 -> 2 per turn.
Quickening Powder ability changed to "50% chance that each of your attacks is 3 speed faster."
Jade Statue, ability changed. Now raises your maximum hp by 10.
Death Mask, ability changed. "When you would die, instead you die at the end of next turn."
Phylactery, when it triggers it prevents all damage you would take for the rest of the turn.
Origami Crane, ability changed. "Your attacks cannot miss."


Helene, Frenzied Strikes no longer have a chance for energy regen
Helene, Frenzied Strikes damage up 6x6 -> 7x6
Helene, Sword Slash renamed to Adrenaline Thrust
Helene, Adrenaline Thrust energy reduced by 5, now does 30 damage for 30 energy.
Helen, Adrenaline Thrust no longer has the 10% bleeding proc, instead has a 30% chance to trigger a 30 point energy gain.

Rumiko, Eviscerate energy down 70->65. This allows her to do Eviscerate, Ninja-Port, Shuriken Barrage in a row without needing Scroll of Inner Focus.

Ambrosia, Bleeding Ritual power removed. Now it's a speed 2 attack, initial damage 0, triggers a bleed that does 8 damage each turn for 3 turns. 30 energy.
Ambrosia, Spectral Choke hit percent down 100% -> 95%

Higashi, innate ability makes his intercept do 60 rather than 70 damage.


Marquis, Vampiric Touch energy cost reduced 70->60
Marquis, Life Drain energy cost reduced 50->45
Marquis, Life Drain speed reduced 6->3 (note: this is a buff)
Marquis, Teleport damage increased 0->10

Voss, Double Slash damage reduced from 18x2 to 16x2

Ambrosia, Vamp Kiss speed reduced 5->3 (note: this is a buff)

Ashi, hit points reduced from 85->80
Ashi, Bleeding Slice damage reduced 40->36

Helene, Frenzied Strikes changed from dark magic-type to physical-type.
Helene, Frenzied Strikes damage down 6x7 -> 6x6.
Helene, Frenzied Strikes now has a chance to return 30 energy rather than 50.

Zina, Tiger Frenzy energy cost decreased 35->30
Zina, physical armor up from 0->1
Zina, innate ability that triggers on killing blow now powers up 15% for 3 turns rather than 10% for 2 turns.

Yoshiro, innate ability's now also gives a 10% chance to avoid intercepts (in addition to physical attacks).
Yoshiro, Open Palm damage increased 10->18
Yoshiro, Open palm energy increased 10>15
Yoshiro, Chi Blast energy cost reduced 70->65


Onimaru, hit points down 90->85
Onimaru, Sword Flurry energy cost up 25->30
Onimaru, Ancestral Curse energy cost up 0->10
Onimaru, Ancestral Spirit energy cost up 0->10

Ashi, hit points down 90->85

Juju, touch of doom hit rate, 80%->99%

Tafari hit points down 85->80
Tafari, Hide speed 7->10

Andromeda, crippling shot damage up 10->15
Andromeda, crippling shot proc rate down 100%->90%
Andromeda, Rain of Arrows hit rate down 100%->90%
Andromeda, Trueshot hit rate up 95%->97%

Anex, Power Toss hit rate up ->90%->98%

Helene hit points down 90->85
Helene, Frenzied Strikes damage down from 6x8->6x7
Helene, Frenzied Strikes energy up from 35->40
Helene, Sword Slash damage down from 35->30
Helene, Sword Slash energy down from 40->35

Phoebe, Power Lash speed up 2->6

Marquis Le Morte, Vampiric Touch hit rate up 85%->96%

Herbal Remedy, healing up 3->4
Healing Salve, healing up 2->3
Blood Vial, healing up 2->3


Ubuntu, the team buff from Tiger Claws now gives your characters +25% to crit, rather than +10%.
Ubuntu, Staff Strike now has a 50% chance of granting a team buff of +4 to single-hit attacks for 10 turns.
Phoebe, Deafening Crack damage up 0->5
Phoebe, Kick damage up 10->12
Phoebe, Power Lash energy cost down 70->55
Phoebe, Rapid Lashes energy cost up 20->25
Anex, Power Toss energy cost down 70->60
Andromeda, Rain of Arrows damage down, 9x5->8x5
Andromeda, True Shot energy cost down 60->55
Onimaru, Double Slash damage back down 26x2->24x2
Ashi, Signature Slice damage down 60->55


--Onimaru's Double Slash energy cost up from 40->45
--Onimaru's Sword Flurry energy cost up from 20->25
--Ambrosia's Spectral Choke damage reduced from 12x4 ->10x4
--Zina's Mistress's Command now gives attacks a 40% chance to trigger bleeding and stun, rather than a 100% chance. (Oops!)

Note: The item descriptions in-game may not match this text. Will be fixed, but for now, the text in these notes reflect the real behavior, not the in-game text.

--Mindreader's Chalice now increases your intercept damage by 15 in addition to giving you 100 energy on successful intercept.
--Girdle of Iron Will now has a 75% chance of avoiding stuns and interrupts, up from 50%
--General's Insignia now increases the damage of your single-hit attacks by 6 rather than by 4.
--Flash Powder now increases your chance to take no damage from intercepts by 35% rather than by 30%.
--Jade Statue, named change to Jade Figurine.
--Sharpening Stone increases your crit chance by 20% rather than by 15%.
--Stoneheel Totem costs the enemy only 5 extra energy to change ranges rather than 10 energy.
--Scroll of Inner Focus reduces the energy cost of your moves by 5 energy, rather than by 10 energy.
--Caltrops deals 8 damage to enemies who switch out, rather than 10 damage.
--Tiger Claws' bleed effect deals 5 damage for 2 turns rather than 6 damage for 2 turns.


Andromeda's Crippling Shot energy cost up from 0->35

Power Swing speed 8->4
Axe Handle 5->8
Axe Handle no longer interrupts

Power Lash energy down from 80->70
Power Lash damage down from 60->58

Reinforced Breastplate now gives +4 armor
Valkyrie's Charm now increases all attack speeds of the equipped character by 2.