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Yomi Kickstarter Crosses 100K!

The Yomi kickstarter is doing extremely well! On behalf of the testers, artists, and Thelo the lead programmer of the online version, we all thank you for your support.

We reached $100K funding already, and I'm really hoping we can go further since it's actually more expensive than that to fund a whole print run, shipping, and all the art costs. Anyway, if we can get even more backers then I'll be able to give out a free set of unusual, minimalist Yomi decks called Panda vs. G.Panda. And beyond that everyone can get foil Aces maybe. More on all that later.

For now, I just wanted to highlight that I've started posting about character lore and the new EX cards for every character. So far there are 6 characters revealed:

Grave, Jaina, Midori & Setsuki
Rook & DeGrey 

There's more to come!